Filming started on ‘Technique & Musicality’ volume 2!

Well, I’m glad to inform you all that filming has finally started on ‘Technique & Musicality’ volume 2′

I am lucky to have James Taylor looking after the filming and the use of Earthworm/Amber Studios with Pete Hewington and Jon Buckett at the audio controls. This volume has all new patterns and ideas that I have found useful in my ‘live’ and session drumming over the past 7 years since volume 1 was released. I am not sure how it will be distributed as yet but I am in discussion with various parties about it, so watch this space! 

Some of the ideas that I am covering are: All new snare and bass drum warm ups, Orchestrating Jazz Phrases, Improving your Grooves and Being ultra creative on the drum kit. 

Here are some pics from the first 2 days of shooting.