Mentoring Sessions Available!

I realised that in these very difficult times that many of my musician friends, and indeed myself, were suffering from mental health issues based around our careers. In these Covid fuelled times we as musicians have had a pretty raw deal from the government re:benefits and any help. This has left a lot of us feeling worthless and a little lost, what was once our living and our passion became worthless as we were told to retrain etc.

To combat these times I had to dig deep and use all my inner strength and character to keep going and keep my head above water. In doing so I realised that I could help others in a similar position, I had mentored before in pre-Covid times and I thought doing the same ‘within‘ Covid times was now crucial.

So, if you feel you need help regaining your confidence in your performance or career, please get in touch and we can start some sessions to help you get back on track.

Contact me here or via email: