I have been performing workshops that are open to all band members not just the drummers. These cover talk and demonstrations in grooving, timing and how each musician is responsible for good time and feel.

I have listed below the general flow of this type of workshop.

This clinic concentrates on timing, groove and feel.

  • Talk about the importance of timing (On the beat-before and after etc . .)
  • Explanations, demonstrations on feel and groove
  • Talk of the importance of listening in their bands to each other and working as a team, using dynamics and a broader rhythmic palette.
  • 3 groups to clap out rhythms to complement each other, then to cross over each other. The idea is to make them listen to each part for timing and feel, (both in straight and swung feels), in their own groups and then as a whole group.
  • Get the singers to interpret lyrics to different rhythms (Played by drummers invited up) so they can learn to use just the drum groove of the song to phrase and not just sing the same rhythms over the top, using jazz/latin/funk feels.
  • I demonstrate (using Roland SPD-s with some famous rock/jazz riffs) and show how with different feels/grooves these well known songs can be played differently.
  • Finally give a talk on things that are important in the music industry like being professional, networking, approaching auditions and rehearsals, touring, practice etc . .
  • Question and answer period.
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