Rob has performed clinics at:

BIMM – Bristol
ACM – Guildford
RNCM – Manchester
Tech Schools – London
Bath Spa University – Bath
Rhythm Festival – Cheltenham
ATM Centres – London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester
Hardcase birthday bash – Chesterfield
Project Music Drum shop – Exeter
DrumBank – Bristol
Assembly Music – Bath
The UK National Drum Fair – Birmingham
Planet Drum School – London
The Drum Channel – America ‘live’ online
Jobeky Drum Festival – Stafford

Working in all differing styles of music and with the types of musicians I have met, I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. I like to include this in the clinics and the floor is always open to questions along the way.

The clinics focus on these points:

  • Importance of practice and what to practice
  • Using rudiments in creative ways, grooves and fills and in linear phrasing
  • Working with clicks and samples, explain how modern sessions and tours can rely heavily on this for backing tracks. A demonstration using a Roland SPD-S and talk on ways to make it easier and how to approach this kind of work.
  • Demonstrate how time is felt differently by everyone and to deal with being on top/behind/and on the beat
  • Get some students to play along to the same piece of music and analyse how each played it, and then break down to see what is needed to make a song work
  • The importance of musical awareness in dynamics and phrasing within the group and how to use rim shots, hi-hat and bass drum techniques to make your sound louder

* Listening to all styles and drummers to broaden your musical palette*
* Preparation for rehearsals, auditions, recording and life as a working drummer*
* Dealing with anxiety and playing related stress*

Techniques such as ‘stepping’ the hats, cross-overs, back sticking and left foot clave and being flamboyant with your playing
Question and answer session

These are the general points I make in the clinics. I am flexible to suggestion with the content of these clinics to make the best impression and learning environment.

For enquiries about booking and costs please contact me.

A track from Robs clinic at the UK National Drum Fair 2014 – With John Paul Gard on keyboards