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NEW DATE!! Planet Drum Masterclass – April 7th 2022

Hi everyone, I am delighted to announce that this event has now been rescheduled for Thursday April the 7th!

I am really looking forward to returning to see the guys at Planet Drum in London, it’s going to be a great night of drumming, music and chat!

Bag your tickets here:



Simon John’s vintage drum show – Ringo Masterclass!

It was great to play at the Simon John’s vintage drum show last week in Coventry, it’s always a great event and this year was super great!

These shows give us all the chance to meet up with some friends that we probably haven’t seen for ages and I met up with so many. I played an hour long masterclass on the interesting nuances of Ringo Starr’s drumming which was very well received by the room full of drummers and stall holders attending. So much so that we may do an event next year utilising my masterclass idea with other Ringo/Beatle related stuff, but more on that at a later date.

Ringo is a massive influence on my drumming and thought process when making music in the studio or onstage. I call it the “What would Ringo do?” scenario, and sometimes channeling his ideas will help me to nail a particular drum part. I’ve noticed that his name comes up on sessions as producers and musicians alike will ask for certain Ringo-isms, whether it be a sound idea or an actual drum part. So, I thank him for giving millions of us drummers some great drumming/musical parts to learn from and to be inspired by, it has certainly helped me on countless occasions.

I caught up with some wonderful drummers and spent time chatting and hanging out with the legendary Clem Cattini who played on so many classic tracks in the 1950’s and 60’s, also the brilliant ‘Argent’ & ‘Kinks’ drummer Bob Henrit. Geoff Nichols who was so influential to me and many others in the early 1980’s, watching him every week on the brilliant ‘RockSchool’ series on BBC2. I was actually using his 60’s Ludwig Downbeat drum kit in black oyster for my Ringo demonstration, so thanks again Geoff. Henry Spinetti whose been Eric Clapton’s drummer for many years and recently I saw him on the ‘Concert for George Harrison’ gig on Sky Arts, and wow what a drummer he is and a really lovely man. Also a treat was meeting Alan Buckley and chatting to him about his vintage drum collection and his days as a Jazz drummer on the scene. He has played with so many great players and we both had some stories about the great piano player John Critchenson, who sadly is no longer with us.

Also, there were so many stall holders and suppliers there like Tristan & Asha from DrumAttic, Mark from Rusty Drums, Matthew Green from the Palace Drum Clinic, the legendary drummer & collector Garry Allcock, Bill Sanders with his practice kits & pads, Dave Eyre from Hardcase, Rich from Cozydrum, Errol & Bev from the Drumathon, Ryan and Nick from the amazing Drum Dog, Nick Hopkins and believe me the list goes on. All of us relieved to be finally getting back to some normality and share our love of drums and drumming.

Look out for next years show as whether you are a vintage drum fan or not, it’s worth going and hanging out with some brilliant like minded folks.

Thanks to the wonderful Bev and Errol for these pics from the show x













My Patreon page is now up and running!

I hope you are all safe and well and I’m delighted to offer you information about my new Patreon website.

Here is the link: www.patreon.com/RobertBrian3121

On the page you’ll find 3 tiers offering different drum related information. In tier 2 theres exclusive clips of me in the recording studio working on new material for my upcoming solo release. All the footage is only available to my Patreons and cannot be viewed anywhere else, and they’re jam packed with tips on tuning, selecting the correct drums for the style, composing drum parts, interviewing the musicians/engineers & producers that I work with, plus rare behind the scenes access to all my recording sessions and lots more. It’s the kind of stuff that you’re not able to access anywhere else and will give you a hands on feeling that you’re actually there in the studio with me.

In the other two tiers I’m offering access to my masterclasses, drum lessons, plus tips on vintage drums and showing you around my drum/cymbal & electronic drum collection.

Go check out the tier’s for yourself and sign up today and let’s start sharing this exclusive drumming information.


Komedia ‘Live’ & DW Drums online Masterclass!

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be performing an online masterclass from Komedia-Bath in conjunction with DW Drums and Komedia Live.

This will stream live at 7:30 GMT on Tuesday September the 15th via my YouTube channel so subscribe now for more updates and footage about the show:  www.youtube.com/user/ringofunk11

More news to follow . . .

Facebook Live Chat!

Looking forward to this Facebook live chat Thursday the 18th of June at 11am UK time!

Tune in and let’s talk about music, drums and these great sounding cymbals made by Vulcan!!



Online drum lessons!

Online lessons are available now for all drummers out there looking to improve technique, musicality, timing, feel, studio experience, soloing, or maybe you want to talk about how to get on in the music industry. I can cover all these topics and more, including chatting about the artists that I’ve worked with and pass on lots of pro’ muso tips.

Email for further info and word on the special rates that I’m offering in these troubled times.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Email: robert.brian70@gmail.com

The Palace Drum Camp.

I really enjoyed the Palace Drum Camp in February, it was bliss to spend so much time in the company of so many great drumming friends and enthusiastic drummers.

It was 3 days of drumming, laughing and top conversation with everyone who attended. It is heart warming to know that drummers are still the only muso’s that really love sharing their knowledge and stories with each other. There are no secrets or ‘hey man, that’s my lick‘ type stuff, just everybody spreading the drumming love!

Along with myself it was Pete Cater, Ian Palmer, Garry Allcock and Matthew Green all giving masterclasses’ and workshops.

Matt Green the organiser is a legend and I hope that we do the same again next year, if you didn’t come along then sign up for the next one you will not regret it!

Rob featured in Italian Drum Club magazine!

Whilst on tour in Italy last year with Canadian world music artist Loreena McKennitt, I was interviewed by the wonderful Patrizio and Viola for the Italian drum magazine Drum Club. The article is in this months copy of the magazine which is now available to buy or order online: www.drumclubmagazine.com

It’s my first feature in a non-UK or USA drum magazine and I hope to have more dealings with the magazine in the future.

(I even got top billing over Mike Portnoy!) 



Instinct Sounds drum clinic.

It was great to perform a masterclass in my local area a few weeks ago for the drum students at Instinct Sounds in Chippenham. It was another fab evening meeting drummers of all ages and levels, great questions were asked and it was a very interactive crowd. I hope to return again to perform some more workshops with organiser & owner Joseph De Berker.

Watch this space!