Michel Polnareff - 'Polnabest'
I worked with Michel through the summer of 2015 at ICP Studios in Brussels on tracks for a new album which may never see the light of day. It would be a shame as the record was sounding so good, and Michel himself gave me a lot room to play big drum fills and to lead the songs.
This best of album was released in December 2016 and features the track ‘L homme en Rouge’ which was a song we recorded as part of the sessions at ICP in 2015. Friends Charlie Jones, David Rhodes and Nigel Pulsford appeared on the track with me and the session for this track was the last time that I saw Michel and ICP studios.

The track was a pleasure to work on/play and some of the BIG fills throughout it were requests from Michel himself, as he loves big sounding and dramatic drums….As do I!

The track was also released as an MP3 download single and a has great promotional video as well.

The promotional video: L’Homme en Rouge

The kit I used on some of the tracks was a DW Collectors, though we also favoured a hybrid kit consisting of DW rack toms, Ludwig Vistalite floor toms and DW, Ludwig and Grestch snare drums. Check some of the pictures below from the sessions to see the various set ups we used, with the ever enigmatic Stuart Bruce in control of engineering and good vibes!