Laura Pausini - 'Lato Destro del Cuore'I recorded this single at Batheastons Riverside Studios after being contacted by string arranger Davide Rossi, who arranges beautiful string parts for both Coldplay and Goldfrapp. Davide also enrolled fellow friends Charlie Jones on the bass and David Rhodes on the electric guitar. The session was over 2 days and Laura was not present for the recording.
I used my DW Collectors kit on the track and my Bosphorus XT Edition cymbals, the very first set of XT’s to be exact. The track came together pretty quickly and the drums build nicely throughout the track, with some takes that we recorded getting very, very BIG indeed!
The final mix we didn’t get to hear for a very long time after the recording but I am very proud of the success of this single and the album that followed.

Here is the promo video for the track: Lato Destro del Cuore 

This is the DW Collectors Kit that I used for the track and the first set of Bosphorus XT Edition proto-types that I brought back from Turkey the year before. They are the originals and still sound superb, I used them on all the sessions around this time.