Innes Sibun 'Tail Dagger'This is probably my favourite Innes ‘studio’ album with the line up as it was at that time.
The songs were recorded in a day as we had been touring some of them already, though some we shaped in the studio as we went along.
The drum sound on this is great and it was my Sonor De-Lite kit with Bosphorus Traditional Cymbals, I used this kit right up until I joined Siouxsie Sioux in 2006.

The studio is called NAM Studios and it is like a second home for many local musicians and its always a pleasure to work there with owner Nick Allan.

Tim ‘Timbo’ Blackmore is rocking the keys on this record and playing with someone like him who really knows a Hammond organ was a real pleasure. All the tours around this period were awesome and I have many happy memories from this period of my time working with Innes and the band.