Innes Sibun 'Can't Slow Down'This is the last album that I recorded with my good friend Innes Sibun.
It was recorded in Holland and was originally intended to be a DVD release, but there were issues with the filming quality so we just used the audio instead. It clearly shows the band in its current line up playing a tight set and reaching out and exploring during the improvisations. The ‘Box Set’ was a live record with all the thrills of an Innes gig and this is similar but condensed down into more of an album format, which is not a bad thing. For the people who want the complete experience they can put on the ‘Box Set’ and for those who don’t fancy the ‘warts and all’ approach then this record does the trick.
I used my Sonor SQ2 jazz kit on virtually all the Innes gigs from 2007 onwards, always with the 18” bass drum. That kit features on here and sounds very nice thanks to the mixing genius of keyboard player Jon Buckett and the amazing Colin Moulding from XTC. I am a huge XTC fan and to have Colin work on this record is just unbelievable!
A fitting end to a great career working with the guitar genius that is Innes Sibun!