Innes Sibun 'Farmhouse Blues'This album was recorded by the line up of the band that had a residency at a great pub in Bath called ‘Ye Olde Farmhouse’.
The landlord is a legend in the city of Bath, full of personality and was responsible for getting so many famous 1960’s jazz artists to visit Bath and gig in the pub. People like Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Pete King used to play in Bath at The Pavilion but somehow John Bradshaw would always get them up the ‘Farmhouse’ to jam and hang out. We played there every other Monday night for about 2 years and crafted a new set of tunes which you hear on this record.

We recorded it over 2 days at a studio in Bristol that was underneath a music shop and it had a real groovy vibe, like we were in a New York jazz club or something. The other thing that jumps out in my memory about this album is that I was so ill, I recorded dressed in a woolly hat, scarf and jumpers a-plenty!
I had a really bad cold and it was in the height of winter so I was attempting to sweat it out, there are some pictures somewhere of the sessions and I look very, very funny . . Probably miserable too!