Adams Apple trio 'Be Still'I was happy to use my Sonor SQ2 jazz set up for this session, it was the kit that I gigged with and suited the musicality of this record.
It was recorded over 2 days at The Tippett Centre at Bath Spa University, the drum sound is maybe not as focused as I would have liked it to be, but the overall sound and feel of this set is superior to our first record. There are times when I listen now to this record and it seems like I am listening to another drummer, I like that. For me it means I was playing differently and a lot less, giving the music space and allowing events to unfold rather than try to pre-empt them etc..

This is hard to do in a studio situation as you want to create the same feeling as if your playing at a gig, but by stepping back and letting the music grow and find itself, it creates a whole new approach to how you hear and play the music. All good memories surround this record and its one of my favourites that I have ever made.