Rob Brian XT Edition Cymbals go global!!

The new Bosphorus XT Edition range of cymbals are now available worldwide!
They are designed by Rob who wanted an addition to his Traditional range of Bosphorus cymbals. So, when he visited the factory back in 2013 he took along his ideas and the cymbalsmiths in Turkey came up with some proto-types that really hit the spot.

So Rob is now proud to announce that the range is available to all!

The sizes are:
Hi-hats: 13″ and 14″
Crash: 16″ and 18″
Ride: 20″ and 22″

These sizes Rob felt best suited both a ‘live’ and studio situation, if you require another size then the Traditional range already exists that you can experiment with and try out.

The sound of the XT’s is very quick, sharp, cutting and they are a lightweight cymbal but still very clear and powerful!!

Try them out now at your nearest Bosphorus dealer…