The Littlemen Komedia Gig In Bath!

The recent ‘Littlemen’ gig at Komedia in Bath was a real success both musically and commercially for the band. We got about 350 people to the gig and the band played absolutely great, performing many new songs for the very first time live. It was nice to actually play with a slightly bigger kit than usual as I would normally rehearse with just the 18″ bass drum and the smaller toms. I decided though a few weeks before this gig that the new material needs the 22″ bass drum, and that DW Collectors maple shell bass drum just sounds so full and musical. I also used the 12″ rack tom and 14″ floor tom which sound so good together, I may move to using the 16″ floor tom too at some point as well….We shall see!

Also, you may have noticed from the pics that I was using my Roland SPD-SX, but I was also rocking my LinnDrum II which was a real pleasure to hear in that beautiful big room. We are starting to use a few more analogue style sounds here and there in the drum and keyboard parts just to keep the sounds interesting and supply some new ear candy. I am more than happy with that shift I have to say, I need little or no excuse to dig out my LinnDrum I love using it!! 🙂 

So, a great gig was had by all and thanks to everyone who came along, we really appreciate the support…….More gigs to come!

Listen to the band here:

Buy the album ‘Long Road Home’ here: iTunes Long Road Home – Littlemen

Pics by Rob Brian and Barry Savell