Goldfrapp ‘Silver Eye’ CD makes top 5 in UK!

I am chuffed that the new Goldfrapp album ‘Silver Eye’ made it to number 5 in the UK album charts.

It was such a joy to take part in the sessions and it’s been great watching their fans reaction to the record which I think is a superb collection of songs. The tour to promote the album is taking the band all over the world where they are playing their own shows as well as select festival dates.

The track I played on is ‘Everything is never Enough’ –


I love the mix of electronic programmed drums and my ‘live’ DW kit which was recorded very dry. I had no cymbals at all on the drum kit and the part I played had a very tribal feel to it, with the rolling floor toms and constant steady backbeats on the snare drum. I even managed to get my favourite Kraut rock drum fill into the track which occurs at 3:28!