Palace Drum Camp.

February 21, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – February 23, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Tudor Grange Academy
Worcestershire B98 7UH United Kingdom
£295 - £350
Matthew Green
07973 840 635

I’m proud to be on the roster with so many great players and each of us will be playing workshops over the weekend covering a wide variety of drumming subjects.

I will be covering:

* Mic’ing/recording your drums:

Have you ever wondered the best way to record your drum kit at home with just 2 or 3 mics?

Or wondered how to create those amazing drum sounds that you hear on your favourite records from plug ins and so on?

Then this session will break down some of those mysteries behind mic’ing drums in both a ‘live’ and studio situation. Rob will be joined by Jon Buckett who runs Earthworm Studios in Swindon who will give you all the knowledge that you need from behind the glass. Whilst Rob will share with you his experience on the subject from the players perspective, in front of the glass.

* Creativity & freedom on the drum set:

This session is designed to set us free from the rules and to introduce us to new ways of expressing ourselves on the drums. It doesn’t mean that all standard practice should be ignored, far from it, it’s more taking all that formal drumming knowledge we have and shaping it into new systems of expression that we can use on the kit.

* Exploring & finding new sounds on your drum kit:

We will exam each part of the drum set and begin to rethink how we can explore new directions in our music making. Looking at the drum set as individual parts means that we can begin to hear what is crucial to us in our beats/music making process. Demonstrating different techniques acoustically that will allow you to change your drum sound in seconds, in both a ‘live’ and studio situation.

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See you there!


Contact: Matt Green

Phone: 07973 840 635


VENUE: Tudor Grange Academy, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 7UH.