Jamie Thyer – ‘Jamie Thyer Meets The Dominators’ 2019

This album came about in very odd circumstances and it was a wonderful chance encounter with Jamie Thyer at NAM Studios that it came to be.

The sessions were every enjoyable and I had Phil Andrews on the desk, a wonderful producer and always a great vibe merchant. The songs are fabulous and I think the trio really rocks hard on this record.

I always like to challenge myself to create interesting but supportive drum parts, and I work hard on my dynamics to really bring out certain moments in the music. I do this on every session/gig I do of course, but I really noticed that 35 years of playing experience really came to the fore for me in this record. It’s about making things happen with little effort or over/under playing. It’s incredibly subjective of course, but it pleases me greatly what I hear what we captured here. Playing rock/blues after 35 years is still a very rewarding and challenging genre for me, check out this record I really love it and I would love to hear it on vinyl!!