Rob Brian XT Edition Cymbals go global!!

The new Bosphorus XT Edition range of cymbals are now available worldwide!
They are designed by Rob who wanted an addition to his Traditional range of Bosphorus cymbals. So, when he visited the factory back in 2013 he took along his ideas and the cymbalsmiths in Turkey came up with some proto-types that really hit the spot.

So Rob is now proud to announce that the range is available to all!

The sizes are:
Hi-hats: 13″ and 14″
Crash: 16″ and 18″
Ride: 20″ and 22″

These sizes Rob felt best suited both a ‘live’ and studio situation, if you require another size then the Traditional range already exists that you can experiment with and try out.

The sound of the XT’s is very quick, sharp, cutting and they are a lightweight cymbal but still very clear and powerful!!

Try them out now at your nearest Bosphorus dealer…



NEW snare drum solo clip!!

A solo on his DW Collectors snare drum recorded at NAM Studio in Holt, UK. It shows Rob’s love towards drumming greats such as Buddy Rich, Jim Kilpatrick, Ian Paice and Joe Morello. Enjoy the clip and please feel free to write to Rob with any questions.

More new clips to follow!

Rob attends Musikmesse 2015!

Rob was around for the Frankfurt Musikmesse and performed on the Bosphorus stand throughout the week. He was there to promote his new XT Edition cymbal range that is available in the UK to order now. He met many of the European distributors and is talking with them about booking drum clinics around Europe to promote his new range.

The range consists of:

13″ and 14″ Hi hats,  16″ and 18″ Crash cymbals and 20″ and 22″ ride cymbals. 

These sizes are highly use-able and attractive for the ‘live’ and session drummers out there, in other words extremely versatile. You can add them to your existing cymbal set up or use them as a complete set. They compliment the normal Traditionals perfectly and were designed by Rob to be fast and musical, they are real beauties!

* Here are some pics from the week at Musikmesse!

Rob Brian XT Edition cymbals!

XT 1 XT 2



Rob and Emrah Sipahi from Bosphorus.

Emrah and me



Dave Phillips from Drum Workshop trying the XT Edition cymbals.

Dave from DW



Rob, Emrah and Hasan Ozdemir

Emrah, Hasan and me



Mark from Trojan Music the UK distributor trying the XT’s.

Mark from Trojan Music trying the XTEditions



Rob with the Bosphorus team!




Dave Phillips, Garrison and Rob on the DW stand!

Dave and Garrison from DW



Rob finds the Hardcase stand!

ME on the hardcase stand


Dave from Hardcase trying Rob’s XT Editions.

Dave from Hardcase


Rob and Goran the Macedonian Bosphorus distributor.

Me and Goran


The first customer to buy a 20″ XT Edition ride cymbal!!!!

First 20 XTEdition ride customer

Robs Bosphorus XT Edition cymbal range!

Rob and Bosphorus have taken 2 years to work on a new range of cymbals to be added into the Traditional cymbal family. The XT Editions have larger bells and more contour to the shape of the cymbal. The larger bell helps the cymbal project with clarity and weight, yet retains a thin feel to play. They are ideal for many different styles of music ranging from jazz to rock. The range is available to order from dealers in the UK now and in other territories later this year. 

Pics, posters and more to follow……Watch this space! 


Rob at the London Drum Show!

Rob was a guest on the Bosphorus cymbal stand at the amazing London Drum Show on Sunday the 9th of November.

He was on the stand to talk to people about the new ranges from Bosphorus and he played a 20 minute drum solo moving through many styles and techniques. The cymbals sounded fantastic and there will be some very exciting news coming next year concerning Rob and his cymbal endorsement!

Here is a short clip of that solo:


Here are a few pics from the show!

Phil Beazer, Matt Cowley and Rob shameless selfie!! LOL

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Craig Bacon, Rob, Mark Law, Pete Cater, Phil Beazer.

;;;;lkjhugytfdgcv 020

Craig Fenney and Rob.

;;;;lkjhugytfdgcv 021


David Rhodes Tour.

The recent Germany/Austria tour with David Rhodes was a real success and Rob enjoyed the experience very much.

Getting to work with David was a dream come true for Rob after he has followed his career for many years with Talk Talk, Japan, Peter Gabriel and now of course Kate Bush. The band had a ball playing each night and it would be great to see them perform again some time in the near future.

A clip of the guys playing ‘Empty My Head’ from their show at the Rockhouse in Salzburg.


Here are some snapshots from the tour….

david rhodes 6

David Rhodes 1


David Rhodes 2


david rhodes 5


David Rhodes 3

Birmingham Drum Fair!

This slideshow has no images set to it.
Rob totally enjoyed his clinic at the UK NDF this year!

He was joined by the amazing Hammond organ/keyboard player John-paul Gard and they performed a 4 song set.

Each track highlighted a style and drummer that has influenced Robs drumming and creativity.

Check this link to watch Robs tribute to the late great Tony Williams, the track was written by JPG and is called ‘Smooth Williams’

(3 more clips to come!)


David Rhodes Tour!

Rob is currently on tour with top guitarist David Rhodes on a short tour of Germany and Austria.

David had just finished a great run of shows with the wonderful Kate Bush in London, now the trio are hot footing it around Europe playing some high energy shows!

If you are around, go check them out!!


Rob to visit Bosphorus Cymbals!

Rob will be making a journey over to Istanbul to visit the guys at Bosphorus to discuss the Traditional range of cymbals. Rob has been the face of the Traditional range for 2 years and he is looking forward to talking with Emrah and all the guys about new possibilities within this fine range or cymbals.

There could be some VERY exciting cymbal things happening this year, more news on that to follow!!


Charlie Jones Gigs announced!

Gigs are being booked for the Charlie Jones ‘Love Form’ project, check the diary on this site for more details!