Recording session drum day featured in Rhythm Magazine!

I am very proud that the ‘Recording Studio Drum Day’ course that I work on with the brilliant guys at Earthworm/Amber Studios in Swindon, is featured in Januarys UK drum magazine Rhythm!

The article explains what drummers can expect from the course and has some awesome pictures from Jennifer Berry. The idea of the day is to show drummers how to properly mic their drums, how to get characterful drum sounds, how to reference to get famous drummers sounds, working and building click tracks, charting tracks for a session, tuning and making certain head choices and so much more . . 

The whole day gives you a very thorough background to the recording chain, both in a professional studio and recording yourself at home.

For more info please email: 

Recording tracks for the new Clara Ponty album.

My first recording session of 2017 is working with the brilliant French pianist Clara Ponty. I have been asked to work on some tracks for her new album to be released later this year and what we have recorded so far sounds fab!

Trusty friend and producer Stuart Bruce is at the helm and we are getting a very characterful drum sound and finding some very cool drum parts. I am using a mixture of my DW and vintage gear for the tracks, I have found that sometimes a mixture of the old & the new gets the right sound for certain projects. The cymbals are mostly XT Editions with a few Black Pearl/Vintage ranges added in here and there. The 2 snare drums pictured are my 1968 Ludwig Pioneer and a 1970’s Slingerland Aluminium Student Model, both of these sound soooo good in the studio….I never leave home without them! 

More news to follow . . . .









XT cymbal range voted number 5 in UK Rhythm poll!

I am very proud that my cymbal design which became the Bosphorus XT Edition cymbals, were recently voted the fifth best new cymbal range of 2016 in the UK drum magazine Rhythm! 

The Bosphorus XT Editions came 5th out of seven new ranges in the poll and to reach number 5 on my first cymbal designing outing is quite an achievement. People are still writing to me from all over the world and telling me how much that they are enjoying playing their XT cymbals. I very much wanted them to be a ‘players’ cymbal and it seems that I am getting my wish!

Time to design a new range for 2017 I think!!



XT Edition Cymbals in Rhythm Mag best of 2016 poll!

Rob is very proud to announce that the XT Edition cymbal range that he worked on with the guys at Bosphorus, is in the running for the best cymbals of 2016 in the UK drum magazine Rhythm!

To cast your vote please go to:

Please cast your vote and make 2016 the year for Rob’s XT Edition range of cymbals!


****Studio Drum & Recording Masterclass****

Rob is very excited to announce the first in a series of new & exciting drum masterclasses.

Rob along with Earthworm/Amber Studios in Swindon, invite you to sign up for a day course to learn all about drumming in the recording studio environment. It’s a one day course where you will learn everything from the mic’ing of the drum kit, microphone choices, room placement and understanding the complete recording chain, right through to the tuning of the drums, drum head/kit choice, charting for songs, working with clicks, working on your dynamics/musicality in the studio and much, much more..

All the information you’ll learn throughout the day will help you in a professional/remote studio session and will greatly improve your drumming & drum sound in the studio environment.

The course is £165 and is only open to 4 students at a time so the demand is very high, so please check the upcoming dates and email if you would like to book a space.

Booking now for:

October the 15th 2016 – 10am to 6pm

November the 12th 2016 – 10am to 6pm

December the 10th 2016 – 10am to 6pm

2017 dates to follow . . . .

* For booking info please email:



Rob now doing remote sessions!

As from now we are pleased to announce that Rob can record remote sessions. If you are looking to improve your songs and give them top professional drum parts and sound, then email Rob today.

More information is available here on the ‘Remote Sessions’ page, with a list of drum and recording equipment for you to look over as well.

So, Rob’s 30 year drumming experience is finally now available to be placed onto your music and songs, if you are seeking that quality, then contact him to take your music to the next level.

Rob at Musikmesse!

Rob performed on the Centre Stage at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

The performance was in front of 200/300 visitors to the show and he played solo drums for 30 mins. The set consisted of a 15 minute drum improvisation followed by 3 pieces written by Rob from an upcoming solo release. The drum kit was a DW and the cymbals were Rob’s Bosphorus XT Edition range of cymbals. The crowd enjoyed the performance and Rob even signed a few autographs after the show!

Rob will appear next year at the show and hopefully be part of a larger drummer collective that perform there.




























Musikmesse Center Stage Performance!

Rob is delighted to be playing a 30 minute set at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt representing Bosphorus Cymbals!

He will be playing a solo drum set using his XT Edition cymbal range on the Centre Stage at 5pm on Friday April the 8th.

If you are attending the show then please swing by and check out the performance, I am sure that Rob would love to see you there! 



Rhythm article/XT review!

LOOK OUT for a ‘Welcome Back’ article that will appear in this month’s Rhythm Magazine here in the UK. They approached Rob about having a ‘catch up’ article as the magazine and Rob have always had a great working relationship. Rob has used Rhythm magazine as his ‘go-to’ publication for breaking news in Rob world ever since they started working together in 2006. The article covers his recent work with French legend Michel Polnareff, and also talks about the exciting new XT Edition cymbal range.

In the same issue there is also a review of his new Bosphorus XT Edition cymbal range.



Michel Polnareff single release!!

You can check out Rob’s playing on this new single by Michel Polnareff now available on iTunes.
It was recorded in Brussels during the summer of 2015 and features his DW kit and the new Bosphorus XT range of cymbals.

Check the NEW video out here: