Filming started on ‘Technique & Musicality’ volume 2!

Well, I’m glad to inform you all that filming has finally started on ‘Technique & Musicality’ volume 2′

I am lucky to have James Taylor looking after the filming and the use of Earthworm/Amber Studios with Pete Hewington and Jon Buckett at the audio controls. This volume has all new patterns and ideas that I have found useful in my ‘live’ and session drumming over the past 7 years since volume 1 was released. I am not sure how it will be distributed as yet but I am in discussion with various parties about it, so watch this space! 

Some of the ideas that I am covering are: All new snare and bass drum warm ups, Orchestrating Jazz Phrases, Improving your Grooves and Being ultra creative on the drum kit. 

Here are some pics from the first 2 days of shooting.



































Technique & Musicality Volume 2.

I am delighted to say that work will start shortly on my next drum DVD ‘Technique & Musicality 2’

Volume 1 was released in 2010 and was very well received getting 3 or 4 out of 5 star reviews in publications like Modern Drummer, Rhythm Magazine and Drummer. I originally wanted other volumes to follow a lot quicker but it didn’t quite work out that way, but now seemed a good time to continue, so work begins!

I will post little teaser clips here & there as we go along and I’m really looking forward to getting these drumming ideas documented and out there for others to check out. My approach to drumming and drum education has certainly moved on since volume 1 and my experiences performing drum clinics and masterclasses has taught me a lot over the recent years. More importantly I’ve found through my playing experiences in the studio and ‘live’ over the past 7 years that I’ve learnt so much that has guided me to really see what is and what is not so important when it comes to having a successful professional drumming career. 

So, I am looking forward to sharing my new concepts & exercises with drummers everywhere and I am sure there will be masterclass dates to follow as well. 

If you are interested in getting a copy then please let me know and I will add your name to an early bird email list that will be sent out before the DVD is readily available.

Write to: 





Goldfrapp ‘Silver Eye’ CD makes top 5 in UK!

I am chuffed that the new Goldfrapp album ‘Silver Eye’ made it to number 5 in the UK album charts.

It was such a joy to take part in the sessions and it’s been great watching their fans reaction to the record which I think is a superb collection of songs. The tour to promote the album is taking the band all over the world where they are playing their own shows as well as select festival dates.

The track I played on is ‘Everything is never Enough’ –


I love the mix of electronic programmed drums and my ‘live’ DW kit which was recorded very dry. I had no cymbals at all on the drum kit and the part I played had a very tribal feel to it, with the rolling floor toms and constant steady backbeats on the snare drum. I even managed to get my favourite Kraut rock drum fill into the track which occurs at 3:28!



Rob’s ‘Guest’ Rhythm Magazine lessons

BIG thanks to Chris Burke at Rhythm Magazine for asking me to be the guest tutor in the mag for the past 4 months. I have received some really lovely feedback from drummers about the lessons and I think Chris might well ask me to submit some more next year….Watch this space!!!

The 4 lessons I felt were varied and would give drummers of all levels something interesting to work on to add to their techniques.  For me, they are a step towards me filming my second DVD Technique & Musicality volume 2.

The Rhythm lessons were filmed by James Taylor and sound recordings by Jon Bucket & Pete Hewington at Earthworm/Amber Studios in Swindon. 

If you enjoyed these lessons please check here regularly for updates on the filming of T&M volume 2! 


The Littlemen Komedia Gig In Bath!

The recent ‘Littlemen’ gig at Komedia in Bath was a real success both musically and commercially for the band. We got about 350 people to the gig and the band played absolutely great, performing many new songs for the very first time live. It was nice to actually play with a slightly bigger kit than usual as I would normally rehearse with just the 18″ bass drum and the smaller toms. I decided though a few weeks before this gig that the new material needs the 22″ bass drum, and that DW Collectors maple shell bass drum just sounds so full and musical. I also used the 12″ rack tom and 14″ floor tom which sound so good together, I may move to using the 16″ floor tom too at some point as well….We shall see!

Also, you may have noticed from the pics that I was using my Roland SPD-SX, but I was also rocking my LinnDrum II which was a real pleasure to hear in that beautiful big room. We are starting to use a few more analogue style sounds here and there in the drum and keyboard parts just to keep the sounds interesting and supply some new ear candy. I am more than happy with that shift I have to say, I need little or no excuse to dig out my LinnDrum I love using it!! 🙂 

So, a great gig was had by all and thanks to everyone who came along, we really appreciate the support…….More gigs to come!

Listen to the band here:

Buy the album ‘Long Road Home’ here: iTunes Long Road Home – Littlemen

Pics by Rob Brian and Barry Savell


Rob Drumming On Goldfrapp’s Silver Eye Album!

The great new album ‘Silver Eye’ by the band Goldfrapp is now available to buy and download.

I am so happy to have been a part of this record as I have been a fan of the band since I first heard the album ‘Black Cherry’. On this new record I played on the track ‘Everything Is Never Enough’ and from the original phone call with Will Gregory to the very last beat of the session it was a real pleasure and exploratory journey!

Will explained the vibe for the track and him and Alison asked me to go to his studio and run through the song and a few other ideas that they were working on. So, armed with the audio reference knowledge of the track I took a combination of my DW Collectors and 1968 Ludwig Super Classic kits, which I thought would be the perfect combination. At the session it worked out great and we changed up some snares like the good old Ludwig 400, DW Collectors 13″x5″ and ended up using the DW 14″x7″ with the DW 12″ & 13″ rack toms and 16″ floor tom. Interestingly though we used the 18″ Ludwig Super Classic floor tom alongside the 16″ DW and it worked out great. On the other tracks we brought in some cymbals and used other groove ideas and really just experimented over the ideas that they were working on at the time.

As for those other ideas, I am not sure whether they morphed into other songs or have been placed on a back burner, but the new record sounds absolutely fantastic and I am sure the live shows will be just as stunning!




Robs Grammy Nomination!!

I have just found out that the Laura Pausini album ‘Simili’ has gone 3 times platinum, and was also nominated for a Grammy in this years award ceremony!!

Alas, we didn’t win….But, another career box ticked! 


I played on the opening track ‘Lato Destro del Cuore’ which was recorded at Riverside Studios in Batheaston with fellow Muso friends Seb Pecchia producing, Charlie Jones on Bass and David Rhodes on Guitar. The track was the first single from the album ‘Simili’ and it went gold in 2015. 


I am very proud of this and I reckon it’s another boxed ticked for the Rob Brian career!! 


Recording session drum day featured in Rhythm Magazine!

I am very proud that the ‘Recording Studio Drum Day’ course that I work on with the brilliant guys at Earthworm/Amber Studios in Swindon, is featured in Januarys UK drum magazine Rhythm!

The article explains what drummers can expect from the course and has some awesome pictures from Jennifer Berry. The idea of the day is to show drummers how to properly mic their drums, how to get characterful drum sounds, how to reference to get famous drummers sounds, working and building click tracks, charting tracks for a session, tuning and making certain head choices and so much more . . 

The whole day gives you a very thorough background to the recording chain, both in a professional studio and recording yourself at home.

For more info please email: 

Recording tracks for the new Clara Ponty album.

My first recording session of 2017 is working with the brilliant French pianist Clara Ponty. I have been asked to work on some tracks for her new album to be released later this year and what we have recorded so far sounds fab!

Trusty friend and producer Stuart Bruce is at the helm and we are getting a very characterful drum sound and finding some very cool drum parts. I am using a mixture of my DW and vintage gear for the tracks, I have found that sometimes a mixture of the old & the new gets the right sound for certain projects. The cymbals are mostly XT Editions with a few Black Pearl/Vintage ranges added in here and there. The 2 snare drums pictured are my 1968 Ludwig Pioneer and a 1970’s Slingerland Aluminium Student Model, both of these sound soooo good in the studio….I never leave home without them! 

More news to follow . . . .









XT cymbal range voted number 5 in UK Rhythm poll!

I am very proud that my cymbal design which became the Bosphorus XT Edition cymbals, were recently voted the fifth best new cymbal range of 2016 in the UK drum magazine Rhythm! 

The Bosphorus XT Editions came 5th out of seven new ranges in the poll and to reach number 5 on my first cymbal designing outing is quite an achievement. People are still writing to me from all over the world and telling me how much that they are enjoying playing their XT cymbals. I very much wanted them to be a ‘players’ cymbal and it seems that I am getting my wish!

Time to design a new range for 2017 I think!!