Innes Sibun 'East Monroe'This was the only album that I made with the original vocalist for the band, Steve Robinson.
Steve’ voice is amazing and gave the band a real feeling of soul and these songs have a very different slant to some of the other records that Innes has made. A favourite amongst the fans it rates in my list of favourite Innes records that I made with him, the whole sound of the band and the songs were so fresh and the live show at that time with these songs was kicking!
The drums were the Sonor-lites and a few 1960’s Slingerland snare drums that I had bought in America on the Modern English tour. I was still using Zildjian at this point and I had a lovely set of ‘K’s which sounded great whether I was playing jazz/rock/funk or blues. The gig with Innes always moved between these different styles and I think these cymbals worked great. I used a pair of 12″ splashes as a second pair of hi-hats mounted above my floor tom for this album and the East Monroe tour.
The picture on the inside sleeve of the CD shows my Sonor-Lite kit in all its glory, a great record and good times!