Charlie Jones – Love Form

Charlie approached me about these sessions quite a long time ago and cited the drumming of Tony Williams as being a certain head-space for the tracks. Knowing full well that I loved that world he sent me some demos to check out and to work on. I took a very free and loose approach and allowed the song to dictate what the drums would do and express.
Though once in the studio the drum parts took on a whole other life and began to actually state changes and shifts in the music. The parts started to breath and each take brought out a different colour and shape. It was very inspiring and I cannot think of any other session where I had that much freedom, yet still staying within the confines of a certain musical structure. I loved these sessions and I was lucky to work with a great team of engineers and producers, as well as musicians!

We recorded my drum tracks at Real World and Riverside Studios and I used a mix of my modern drums and my two 1960’s Ludwig kits. I have a lovely 1960’s ‘downbeat’ champagne sparkle kit and a 1968 white marine pearl Super Classic, they both sound awesome in the studio.

So, this stands out for me as a true expression of my drumming and I am extremely proud that the record is getting 4 out of 5 and 8 out of 10 ratings in the music magazines/papers.

Go check it out!!