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Siouxsie Sioux – ‘Finale’

The tour lasted about 2 years and it finished with this show at KOKO in London where we played every song that we had learnt. So, the actual show was in two sections with an interval for costume changes and camera moves etc…
The drumming for the Siouxsie show was intense from a playing point of view but also in the fact that I had to trigger many hits and loops. I was using my Sonor SQ2 drum set with the 22″ bass drum and all the extra toms, the Roland SPD-S unit was extremely useful for triggering parts and sounds, the Bosphorus cymbals sounded awesome as well on this project. I used 2 china’s as many of the original Banshee tracks used them and I needed to have one on the right and left hand side of the kit. 2 Roland triggers were used one on the snare drum and the other on the kick drum, these triggered sounds from the SPD-S which had samples from the album¬†‘Mantaray’. I broke a cymbal at the rehearsals for this DVD and I remember that DrumShack in London very nicely sent a replacement to me in a taxi, courtesy of Paul Hemming. Sioux is an amazing and powerful personality and I wanted the drums to sound epic and make both the old and new tracks sound HUGE! I am proud of this show and my time with Siouxsie, a great experience all round.